Sound required!

This is my first attempt in game development. It has bugs and not much content yet. It uses free assets and own creations only.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Made withPhaser
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Dark, Dungeon Crawler, Experimental, Narrative, Pixel Art, Top-Down
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

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i am happy that the game got updated (:

And it was broken again. :D I can't decide where to host the login server  :D and then I was working on something else. But now it works again and I'd still love to improve it tiny little step by step. I just fixed an fps issue. On machines that are not shitty old office laptops like mine, the character moved like the flash... Now movement is frame rate independent, at least for the player character. :D

Finally time to play again!

this going to be smooth.

the game is broken i can't login

Hey! I'm sorry but indeed the game can't be played currently because I don't have the login server running and I can't get it running in a timely manner and I'm a bit too busy currently. But actually just the fact that someone commented after such a long time, motivates me to get it back up. Not exactly sure but I guess you can follow me or the game or something so you get notified when I have it running again. I'm surely not going to throw this piece of art away! :D

I will follow the game and I'm sure it's gonna be good


Seems cool! 

I've been trying to test your game, but it only comes up short with "User exist, password wrong".


+1 same issue

@mktcode Fix your CORS policy with your server (Uberspace)

Same here! Plz fix. It seems like a good game, very Diablo alike

A bit late, I know. But this issue is fixed now. I wasn't working on this anymore and so I shut down the server that was handling the login.

Great work, now following this project :)

I found one bug. If you die, and then it shows you your previous room/staircase, if you click at the right time you'll travel to that room automatically.

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Thank you! I am currently (very slowly) working on a complete new level design.

On the way I will diminish the number of bugs of course. It will be more of a puzzle game than the dungeon crawler you might expect.

Look forward to it. Found this game looking for Phaser base games for inspiration, this is one of the best out there!


This is a great work in progress. Congrats!


Thanks! :)

Cool music and sounds, really smooth animations! I see the lights are the big part of the game and, so far, are really impressive!

I allowed myself to write down some things I personally disliked:

- There are no subtitles when the narrator speaks. His voice is really low and sometimes I had trouble to understand everything.

- Fullscreen behaves strangely when in main menu

- I died like 3 times and despite killing something about 20 undeads I do not see myself at the ladder!

- Only way for me to go back to main menu was to refresh the entire page. Then I needed to log in in order to see the highscores. Many steps!

- I tried to fend off undeads with shield spell but it had no use. I am confused, how does this spell works?

- There is literally nothing on the first floor! Maybe reduce number of rooms? I had the worst possible roll when looking for stair. It was exasperating!

- I got a quick prompt to 'find the sword' and I was wandering for quite some time on the same floor as I thought I must have missed it because of the call to find it!

Keep up the good work! 

Hey! Thanks for playing and for this comment and feedback! All of these issues will be addressed in a future update. I'm working on a new atmospheric intro for example ( and the levels will be consciously designed instead of randomly generated.

And yes, there are still some technical issues in the menus and in-game. Will all be solved soon hopefully. I'm working on it! :)

REally cool atmosphere, soundeffects!

I was thinking about it was strangely too dark then all the lights effects start coming toghether wonderful:)

Thank you! This is absolutely intended. One of my initial ideas was to make the lighting a central aspect of the game, so that you always need to look for torches and other light sources and in deeper dungeons you would be really lost without one because it's so dark. But actually many people jump off before they even reach the flamethrower traps. In general there's still a lot of balancing to do and the lighting might be one subject to changes. We will see. Thanks again for the feedback! :)

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Congrats ! It looks really good ! The character dies pretty fast tho... so maybe you could give him a bit more strength?

Thanks! That's the feedback I need. Difficulty is really hard to judge if you are the developer. Maybe I'll raise initial hit points a bit. But of course also be aware that you can level up your hp, as well as damage and torches.

Congrats on your first game! I'm a developer too. Can we collaborate? I believe that I can help somewhere in graphics!


Wow! Cool! I'm feeling a bit sad today, kind of... and seeing the first comment here really lights up my day! :D Thanks! Discord: mkt#8655

just sent you a friend request, my Discord tag is everestguy#7461